I would like to give a general overview of my work and an idea what a “stone-hewer” deals with. All included pictures shown originate from the last twenty years. A stonemason’s work comprises architectural work and all features of cemetery stonework, in which natural stone is used. The scope of work a craft sculptor deals with often coincides with that of a stonemason nowadays, however sculptorers were originally intended to carry out floral, ornamental or figurativ stonework.

A "Kluepfel" is a round wooden hammer, a mallet, which is particularly used in the shaping of softer stone. It sounds like music in the ear of stonemasons...

- Torsten Anders, born 1972 in Dresden

- training as bricklayer until 1990, specialised in conservation of architectural heritage

- training as stonemason until 1994

- civilian service in the reconstruction of the church "Frauenkirche" in Dresden 1997

- participation in the Maestro-course in Venice (restoration techniques) until 2000

- restoration-internship during an European exchange project in Padua/Venice 2001

- further training as stone-sculptor at the technical marble-school in Laas/South Tyrol, 2002

- further professional experience in various workshops

- advanced education for certified technician for stonemasonry and master craftsman in Wunsiedel, 2005-2007